Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day to support (obviously) small business whether locally in your High Street, or online both now and in the future.

It's a struggle to survive whatever sector of the economy you're involved in - manufacturing, retailing or as in our case, publishing. The competition from the big beasts in the form of multi-national supermarket chains or huge media empires is intense and small outfits like ours can't access the benefits in terms of economies of scale or the enormous power over suppliers that the major operators have.

But we're all necessary - from the family business, the sole trader, the local shop or (as in our case) the independent online retailer. The customer and - in the long run - the industry generally needs us. In Darwinian terms, we're what keeps the gene pool healthy!

So spare a thought this Saturday for small businesses. And, if you can, keep us in your mind throughout the year.

The high street (and the internet and people's bookshelves) would be a poorer place without us!

(Just a reminder you can buy all our titles direct from us, either from stock or - where an initial print-run is exhausted - through our print-on-demand partners, Lulu.Inc. And all proceeds from the sale of our books go to charity. So far - thanks to you - we have been able to support mental health charities Young Minds and SANE as well as the BBC Children in Need Appeal.)