Want a career in publishing?

We can't offer you a job, not yet anyway. But we can offer you the chance to develop valuable skills, gain experience and add to your CV. At a time when the publishing industry is more competitive than ever, jobs are being shed and getting that all-important breakthrough can seem impossible, getting the kind of experience that might help get you noticed can be difficult. Here at Dotterel Press we can't offer much, but we might be able to help. We're looking for proof-readers, copy-editors and readers prior to the launch of our first publications. As a non-profit social enterprise, we're not able to offer payment. Well, not in monetary terms. But we can guarantee you'll be paid handsomely by your experience. You'll get vital insights into all aspects of pre-publication, working with authors and editors and helping shape a book from proposal to print-run. It's an exciting opportunity, and if you think you've got what it takes, email me - Gareth Dearson - at dotterelpress@gmail.com for further information.