We've published!

Our debut publication - Tiny Acorns - has been launched at last, and on Children in Need day! Here are some pics of the product just to whet your appetite.

And if you want to browse inside the book, you can do that too. Just head over to our Online store and have a scroll through the pages. It's just like being in a bookshop!

Buying options are as follows: click the PayPal 'add to cart' option, select the quantity required and we'll have them parcelled up and dispatched within the UK as soon as possible. For our international customers, click the 'Buy Now' button at the top of the preview (it appears when the mouse/cursor moves to the top of the display) and our print-on-demand book or downloadable e-book will be delivered courtesy of Lulu.com, who are acting as our printer and distributor for international sales.

And don't forget, every copy you buy helps BBC Children in Need. If we exhaust our print run we'll be handing them over £500, not counting e-book and international sales.