Now available on the Kindle!

Small publishers like ours can never hope to compete with the 'big boys' in terms of paperback and hardback sales. We can't afford the discounts, the distribution fees or the 'sweeteners' to get our books into the likes of Waterstones. (Did you know it can cost several thousand pounds to get a major bricks-and-mortar bookstore to sell your book? And then, it has to be so heavily discounted that costs are barely covered.)

The problem is, unless readers see your book, they can't buy it. And they buy books they see. And here's a question posed recently by Joe Konrath: is a book a bestseller because it's good, or because people can buy it? What makes a bestseller? And who decides? As Joe puts it, 'I don't believe an author becomes a bestseller, and then becomes available everywhere. I believe an author is available everywhere, and that's why they're a bestseller.' It's a chicken-and-egg situation, and one that's been determined by the traditional gatekeeper - the publisher.

But with the advent of the e-book, the playing field is starting to level out quite nicely. Ebooks ARE available everywhere - at least to those with a suitable ebook reader - and on the biggest online bookstore in the world - Amazon. And - as recently reported with varying degrees of trepidation recently - sales of ebooks on Amazon outstripped those of paperbacks for the first time ever.

So we're pleased to announce that our first two titles are now available in ebook format - which means, of course, everywhere and on the same terms as those applied to everybody. Click the links below if you're interested in having a look - you can try before you buy, too. And if you haven't got a Kindle, don't worry: the books are formatted for the Kindle app on the iPad, iPod and iPhone too.


  1. Tim, I tried to buy your Writing Therapy book but it wouldn't let me (I'm in the US). It looks intriguing to me. Is it for sale in the US? Do you have a copy you'd be willing to send in exchange for a review on my blog? About 70% of my readers are Australian, so not sure how helpful that would be unless it's for sale there. I could write the review and see if Vegemite Vix or Bloggertropolis would publish for me? KB


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