Knick-Knack, Union Jack

We're very pleased to announce the publication of our latest book - our first volume solely of verse - which takes a wry swipe at the current state of the British nation.

Knick-Knack, Union Jack (subtitle: And Other Poems for our Distracted Times) is a collection of over sixty poems in a variety of styles ranging from traditonal rhyme to free and even concrete verse. What unifies them is a preoccupation with the problems of modern living - serious and silly. Throughout the collection Fitton’s overriding message is that reading poetry helps ease the burdens of life.

Taking Brexit as his starting point, Fitton turns his attention to a wide range of society’s ills from the perspective of a wide range of characters: a tramp, headmaster, lap dancer, murder victim, extra-terrestrial and even a ghost appear in some vividly-written narrative verses.

Published by Dotterel Press
September 2019
Paperback: ISBN 9781088640975
Copies can be ordered online (click here) or by request from all good bookshops

About the author:
As a young man Nicholas Fitton backpacked across Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir and Nepal. He was a teacher for 36 years, both abroad and in England and has previously written a book on trout fishing. He enjoys poetry and playing the ukulele.